Denver, Colorado

Charlotte Raby, Author

Welcome! Thank you for joining me!

As I began creating this website to promote my upcoming
romance stories and novels, I realized a couple of things:

First, you might not want to buy my writing.

Second, I haven't limited myself
to writing romance, or even fiction.

So I thought,
why not give away a bunch?
Sam's Club does it, and it gets people into the
store, which we all know translates into dollars. People
can eat free samples in an air-conditioned building, and
browse the many enticing products strategically positioned
all around them. Sometimes they leave without spending any
money, and sometimes they buy things - things they hadn't
sampled and didn't even know they needed!

So please, eat - I mean - read some free fiction,
and of course, free nonfiction.

And if you like what you've read, please
buy my novels and stories.

Check back every so often to see what else I've stocked - er, written for you.

(I'm not this shameless in person...really.)

Use the links below to begin your journey ...

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