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POD Preparation Services

POD stands for Print On Demand and is a process by which one can have their books published and sold through retail and wholesale venues. Since POD books are printed and shipped as they are ordered, publishing this way is less expensive than going the traditional route. Writers and small publishers across many disciplines have used POD to get their works to the public.

I have extensive experience in interfacing with, and formatting documents to meet the specifications of Booksurge, a reputable POD company that provides quality books, in trade paperback and hard cover. Booksurge provides distribtion through retail and wholesale venues.

This is not an editing service. I prepare documents for uploading to Booksurge. Preparation includes, but is not limited to:

* Contract and interface with an artist to convert your ideas or existing cover art to specifications
* Contract and interface with the POD company, as desired by client
* Obtain bar code
* Format the interior of the document to specifications
* Convert cove and text documents into PDF
* Upload files to Booksurge

While Booksurge does provide the services I provide, here is a breakdown of prices:

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